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 Prices and Terms of Payment:

The basic rate is EUR6.00/100 words (excl. VAT, if applied). Alternatively a standard page, which means 1500 key-strokes, may be used. The rate is then EUR18.00 per page. The prices may vary upon agreement for larger jobs and/or orders performed on long-term basis.
The price for proofreading is EUR15.00/hour.
The minimal value of an order is EUR20.00.
Charges when CAT-tools are used: EUR0.06/word - no-match, or x 0.2 for repetitions.
The following forms of payment are accepted:
1. Bank transfer
2. PayPal                                   
3. Moneybookers.              
Cash payment is accepted in case of clients being natural persons. The checks will not be accepted in any case.
Unless otherwise agreed, standard date of payment is 30 days after invoice date.